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The Rolling Stones- England's Newest Hit Makers (1964)

Updated: Jan 4

The Rolling Stones - England's Newest Hit Makers

(London Records)

Released in the U.S. in May 1964

Recorded between January 3 through February 25

England's Newest Hit Makers stands as The Rolling Stones' inaugural U.S. album, laying the foundation for their illustrious career. Birthed in 1960 by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the band, managed by Andrew Loog Oldham, positioned themselves as the raw, rebellious counterpart to the Beatles. The album, a mix of covers and originals, reflects the Stones' bluesy vigor. Despite a less stellar U.S. tour than their rivals, The Beatles, the album achieved a respectable #11 on the Billboard Charts. Tracks like "Not Fade Away" and "I'm A King Bee" showcase the Stones' distinct style. Imperfections notwithstanding, this album signifies the Stones' early journey, which led to enduring success. Chart Position and Awards #11 U.S. Billboard Charts, Gold Record.

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