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John Coltrane- Crescent (1964)

Updated: Jan 4

John Coltrane- Crescent


Released July 1964

Recorded April 27 and June 1, 1964.

John Coltrane's Crescent showcases his classic quartet with McCoy Tyner, Elvin Jones, and Jimmy Garrison. The five original tracks show the album's dark, reflective mood. "Crescent" opens with a rubato exploration, transitioning to a swinging feel with Trane's brilliant improvisation. "Wise One" exudes a preaching quality, featuring a Latin groove and a meditative chordal solo by Tyner. "Bessie's Blues," a standard blues, somewhat breaks the album's vibe. On Side 2, "Lonnie's Lament" stands out as a beautiful ballad, allowing Tyner and Garrison to shine. "The Drum Thing" spotlights Elvin Jones's drum prowess. Crescent sets the stage for Coltrane's later masterpiece, A Love Supreme, marking a crucial moment in his musical journey.

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