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The Rolling Stones - 12x5 (1964)

Updated: Jan 4

The Rolling Stones - 12x5 (Decca)

Released in October 1964

Recorded between February 25 and September 29, 1964

12x5 by The Rolling Stones signifies the band's progression from blues and R&B roots. The album features a mix of covers and originals, including notable hits like "Time Is On My Side" and "It's All Over Now." Despite pianist Ian Stewart's expulsion, his significant contributions are evident. While some tracks like "Empty Heart" and "2120 South Michigan Avenue" may be less memorable, the album shines with the stripped-down authenticity of "Good Times, Bad Times" and the soulful rendition of "If You Need Me." As a crucial chapter in The Rolling Stones' journey, "12x5" reflects their contribution to their impact in the world of popular music. Chart Position, and Awards  #3 U.S. Billboard Charts, Gold Record.

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