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The Kinks - The Kinks (1964)

Updated: Jan 4

The Kinks

(Pye Records)

Released October 2, 1964

Recorded August 1-September, 1964

The Kinks' 1964 debut album marked a pivotal moment in their career. Featuring tracks like "You Really Got Me," the album showcased their distinct sound, blending American blues and R&B influences with a raw, punkish edge. The debut, with Ray Davies on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Dave Davies on lead guitar, Pete Quaife on bass, and Mick Avory on drums, received acclaim, reaching #4 in England and #29 in the U.S. The album's tracks, such as the Chuck Berry cover "Beautiful Delilah" and the bluesy "Long Tall Shorty," captured the essence of The Kinks' early sound. Despite subsequent challenges, the debut album laid the foundation for the band's influential career. Chart Positions #29 U.S. Billboard Charts

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