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The Rolling Stones- Aftermath (1966)

The Rolling Stones - Aftermath (Decca Records)  

Released April 15, 1966. Recorded on December 6-10, 1965, and March 3-12, 1966. 

Aftermath by The Rolling Stones marked a significant departure in their sound. Featuring all original compositions by Jagger and Richards, the album blended blues, country, psychedelia, and Eastern influences. Notably, tracks like "Paint It Black" incorporated Indian music elements, while "Lady Jane" experimented with classical Baroque instrumentation. Lyrically, the album explored diverse themes, from reflections on relationships to social commentary. Aftermath received widespread critical acclaim and commercial success, topping the UK Albums Chart and reaching second on the US Billboard Charts. It solidified The Rolling Stones' reputation as trailblazers in rock music and remains a cornerstone of their discography, showcasing their evolution as artists.

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