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Frank Sinatra- Sinatra at the Sands (1966)

Frank Sinatra- Sinatra at The Sands (Reprise)

Released July 1966. Recorded January and February 1966. 

Frank Sinatra: Sinatra at the Sands is a seminal live album showcasing Sinatra's magnetic stage presence and vocal styles, backed by Count Basie's Orchestra and Quincy Jones' arrangements. Recorded during Sitara's Las Vegas residency in 1966, the album features iconic tracks like "Come Fly with Me" and "Fly Me to the Moon." Despite personal and professional challenges, Sinatra's legendary comeback solidified his status as one of the greatest interpreters of the American songbook. His influence on music and culture remains unparalleled, making Sinatra at the Sands a timeless classic and his most beloved live album. 

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