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The Mothers of Invention- Freak Out! (1966)

The Mothers of Invention- Freak Out!

Released June 27, 1966. Recorded March 9-12, 1966 (Verve Records) 

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention's debut album, Freak Out!, showcases Zappa’s brilliance as a composer and satirist. The album defies genre conventions, blending rock, blues, doo-wop, and avant-garde elements. Tracks like  “Trouble Every Day,” "Hungry Freaks, Daddy," and "Who Are the Brain Police?" deliver biting social commentary, while experimental pieces on record two challenge listeners with unconventional soundscapes. Despite a certain lack of industry support and  Zappa's criticism of the product, Freak Out! is a perfect introduction to one of the most gifted musical minds of the 20th Century. 

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