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The Byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn! (1965)

The Byrds- Turn! Turn! Turn! (Columbia)

Released December 6, 1965

Recorded June 28 -November 1, 1965

The Byrds' 1965 album Turn! Turn! Turn! showcases folk-rock brilliance with Roger McGuinn's signature 12-string guitar present and the band's vocal harmonies. The album marks David Crosby's songwriting debut and is Gene Clark's last album with the Byrds until 1973. The title track became a #1 hit. The album features notable covers, a JFK tribute, and displays Gene Clark's and Roger McGuinn's songwriting prowess. Despite some filler tracks, the album cements the Byrds' impact on folk-rock and '60s music, demonstrating their ability to reinterpret classics. The record peaked at #17 on the U.S Billboard Charts and #11 in the U.K.

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