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The Who - My Generation (1965)

The Who - My Generation (Brunswick Records)

Released December 3, 1965

Recorded April - November 1965

The Who's debut album, My Generation, marked their entry into the rock scene alongside The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The band's early history involved lineup changes and a shift in musical style, embracing mod fashion under manager Peter Meaden. The album's rushed production resulted in a raw sound, influencing later heavy rock and punk. Despite not charting in the US, it reached #5 in the UK. The iconic title track, "My Generation," became a rock anthem, showcasing Roger Daltrey's vocals and Keith Moon's dynamic drumming. The album's success propelled The Who to legendary status, but their journey included internal conflicts and tragedies, notably Keith Moon's wild lifestyle. My Generation remains a landmark debut with enduring classics.

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