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The Rolling Stones- The Rolling Stones, Now (1965)

The Rolling Stones, Now! (London Records)

Recorded January 3-8, 1964

Released February 13, 1965

The Rolling Stones, Now! stands as the band's third US release, emphasizing their raw and gritty sound during a prolific period in 1965. Released amid efforts to rival The Beatles, the album showcases the distinctive rhythm section connection between drummer Charlie Watts and bassist Bill Wyman. Noteworthy tracks include covers like "Everybody Needs Someone to Love" and "Down Home Girl," revealing the Stones' early love for American blues. Original songs like "Heart of Stone" contribute to critical acclaim, and the album marks a pivotal moment for the band. Despite mainly comprising earlier UK releases, the album reached Gold status, peaked at #5 on the US Billboard Charts, and remains a solid representation of the Stones' bluesy era.

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