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The Sonics- !!!Here Are The Sonics!!! (1965)

Updated: Jan 25

The Sonics- !!!Here Are The Sonics!!!

Recorded In 1964

Released Etiquette Records March 1965

The Sonics - !!!Here Are The Sonics!!! stands as a seminal album in rock and roll history, representing the raw and unpolished sound of garage rock and proto-punk. The album captures the essence of the Sonics, a band from Bremerton, Washington, that played loud, gritty, and edgy music. With their raw energy and unconventional recording techniques, the group's influence on punk and grunge is undeniable. Tracks like "The Witch," "Have Love Will Travel," and "Strychnine" showcase their aggressive vocals, distorted guitars, and unapologetic approach. Despite limited commercial success, the Sonics' impact is seen in their influence on bands like Nirvana and The White Stripes, solidifying their place in rock history.

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