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Wilson Pickett- In the Midnight Hour (1965)

Updated: Jan 25

Wilson Pickett- In the Midnight Hour (Atlantic)

Recorded Between 1962-1965

Released - June 1965

Wilson Pickett's album In The Midnight Hour is a compilation of soulful hits recorded between 1962 and 1965, featuring the iconic title track that propelled Pickett to stardom. Born in Alabama in 1941, Pickett overcame struggles to become a soul legend with a golden voice. The album includes collaborations with the celebrated Stax Records rhythm section, contributing to its energetic sound. Notable tracks such as "Teardrops Will Fall," "For Better Or Worse," and "Don't Fight It" showcase Pickett's vocal prowess and versatility. Despite later personal challenges and a decline in popularity, Pickett's impact on soul music remains significant. The album reached #3 on the Billboard U.S. R&B charts and #107 on the U.S. Billboard Pop Charts.

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